Villich News - 29-May-2014

President Obama will defend his foreign policy Wednesday in a commencement address at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. White House officials say that the President will lay out a foreign policy which is interventionist, but not over-reaching. ... - 29-May-2014

President Barack Obama on Wednesday outlined his foreign policy vision and defended his record to date. What caught our experts' ears was as much about what he didn't address as much as what he did. ... - 29-May-2014

President Obama says those who say America is in decline "are either misreading history or engaged in partisan politics." ... - 29-May-2014

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered a comprehensive review of the military health care system on Tuesday in the wake of the growing VA scandal. ... - 29-May-2014

VA employees could "be brought up on criminal charges," says House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller. ... - 29-May-2014

CNN's Drew Griffin explains a report released by the VA Office of Inspector General about the Phoenix hospital. ... - 29-May-2014

Calls increased Wednesday for the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki after the release of a damning preliminary report about delays in delivering care at some VA hospitals and clinics. ... - 29-May-2014

One man has died and three others are suffering injuries after breathing in carbon monoxide. Toronto Fire said they received a medical call shortly after 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon to a highrise in Scarborough on 15 Torrance Rd., near Eglinton Ave. and McCowan Rd. Once his crew arrived, Platoon Chief John Thompson said, they found a man who had collapsed. A woman was performing CPR to try to revive... - 29-May-2014

OTTAWA—Justin Trudeau maintains a would-be candidate who was barred from running for the Liberal party in a Toronto riding has only herself to blame for any damage to her reputation. Christine Innes launched a $1.5-million libel suit last month against the Liberal leader and his Ontario campaign co-chair David MacNaughton, after she was blocked from running in the upcoming Trinity-Spadina byelection... - 29-May-2014

SAULT STE. MARIE, ONT. — By rights, Kathleen Wynne should be on her last legs — burdened by a tarnished Liberal brand, battered by allegations of corruption, buffeted by the winds of change. But on the campaign trail, as on the jogging trail, the underdog is defying expectations. In her first provincial campaign, the rookie Liberal leader is keeping a steady pace — delivering... - 29-May-2014

A doctor charged with the gang sexual assault and drugging of a woman in 2011 wiped his phone of text messages between him and the complainant to cover up the alleged assault, Crown attorney Cara Sweeny said Wednesday in her cross-examination of the doctor. Sweeny began her cross-examination after two full days of examination-in-chief in which Dr. Amitabh Chauhan acknowledged that he and the complainant... - 29-May-2014

Dads should start scraping plates and mopping floors if they want their daughters to become CEOs or surgeons, a new Canadian study suggests. University of British Columbia psychologists found that men who divided household chores with their wives are more likely to raise girls who aspire to ambitious, high-paying jobs. Researchers surveyed more than 300 school-aged children and their parents and found... - 29-May-2014

One is linked to the shooting that had bullets flying inside the bustling Eaton Centre food court in June 2012, killing two men and injuring six, including a 13-year-old boy. The other is connected to an execution-style killing outside Yorkdale Shopping Centre last spring , in which a killer waited in the parking lot for his intended targets. Both gangs — known as Sic Thugs and Asian Assassinz... - 29-May-2014

Brampton councillors have ordered an internal investigation into city contracts given to a company owned by a friend of Mayor Susan Fennell. They also voted Wednesday to expedite replacing the current city integrity commissioner with a new one, to probe Fennell’s private fundraising activities. “We need to know if any other firms had a chance to get this work,” Councillor John...

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