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Rick McGahey says GOP Rep. Paul Ryan is signaling his 2016 presidential ambitions by appealing to hard core Republican values. ... - 3 hours ago

Ukraine is ground zero in a tense power play between Russia and the West, with U.S. officials saying they just want Ukrainians to be allowed to decide their own fate, and Russian officials saying they simply want to ensure that Russian-speaking Ukrainians have a fair say over how they are governed. ... - 3 hours ago

A power outage that sent tens of thousands of Torontonians into darkness was caused by a HydroOne line coming into contact with a Toronto Hydro line. Tiziana Baccega Rosa, a spokeswoman with HydroOne, said a Toronto Hydro distribution line underneath one of HydroOne’s transmission lines was in the space that should have been clear. HydroOne serves areas outside Toronto. The outage lasted for...


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